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    Stoddard Communications is a New Mexico based production company with a focus on developing documentary, narrative and educational programming. We support the film and video industry with services in pre-production, production, postproduction and training, with a specialty in the production/postproduction workflow.

film & video workflow consulting

   Our workflow consulting services include the wide range of services required in developing a practical workflow from development through distribution. These services include workflow research and design for Digital imaging that best fits your project and budget – technical support in data handling/storage, camera systems,  postproduction systems and integration.

   Which digital format best communicates your ideas? Which technology is within your budget and targets your audience best? Consult with us to develop a production/postproduction workflow that is efficient and viable. We can help you meet your production, distribution and budgetary goals.


    Our production services may begin in the project development with research and script writing, or pickup in the preproduction, or production phase. At whatever level of involvement you choose to involve us, you will receive our full attention and quality service.


   We offer extensive postproduction services in video and audio editing, sound editing, color grading, motion graphics , finishing as well as postproduction systems consulting. Postproduction should start in the development and preproduction phase as a workflow consultation. Include a post consultant/manager in your development stage and you will save your budget from a possible disaster.


    Brad Stoddard is an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro X Trainer. FCPX classes are available at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education, Albuquerque, NM. One-on-one instruction is available in video editing, encoding, lighting for film, animation and motion graphics. Brad’s Cinema Techniques for Film, Animation and Motion Graphics, notes are  available here Basic Lighting for Film and Video.


production – postproduction, film & video workflow consulting

Contact Information

Stoddard Communications

Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Principal owner

Brad Stoddard

director, producer, editor, cinematographer, educator.


phone: 505-440-7034

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